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NTIS Enterprise Co. is established since 2004, highly engineered thermal management systems are extending the capabilities of technologies in a complete range of areas. NTIS is pride in giving the best customer service, the highest quality products (such as graphics card cooling, heatpipe cooler and heat pipe) with the shortest lead time in the industry at a fair price with a total commitment to customer service. 

We provide innovative CPU coolers, GPU coolers, graphics card cooler, computer cooling systems, LED lighting thermal solution, server coolers, energy conversion, medical and more, and Custom Heat Sinks products for the most difficult thermal challenges and heat sink technology combining various alloys at very competitive prices.

Base on NTIS`s experience in design, development and manufacturing of heat pipe and other two-phase heat transfer technology includes the “Liquid Diamond”. A coating material curable thermally and with speed-up actinic radiation. We apply those know-how to solve complex thermal problems for our customers and help to enable our customers' products.
Partnering with your engineering team, we will take the design constraints (thermal, mechanical, environmental, etc...) of your unique application and develop a thermal solution concept.

From this concept, NTIS’s engineering team will utilize our design experience and analytical tools to develop a thermal solution that meets the requirements of your application. Take the first step towards the solution for you. Please contact NTIS technical representative or e-mail at ntis@ntistw.com for more information on our thermal solution technologies.